The Second Asia-Europe-Pacific
School of High-Energy Physics

Puri, India | 4 - 17 November 2014


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The Schools are organised with the involvement of two standing committees, an International Advisory Committee (IAC) whose responsibilities include defining the general framework and scope of the Schools, and selecting the host country for each School in the series, and an International Organising Committee (IOC) whose responsibilities include the definition of the scientific programme and the selection of the students for each School. In addition, there is an ad hoc Local Organising Committee (LOC) established for the practical organisation of each School in the series.

International Advisory Committee
Etienne Augé (IN2P3/LAL and U. Paris Sud) - until September 2014
Ursula Bassler (IN2P3 – CNRS) - from September 2014
Alexander Bondar (BINP) - from March 2014
Mikhail Danilov (ITEP) - until March 2014
Rohini Godbole (IISc)
Shih-Chang Lee (Academia Sinica) - until September 2014
Joachim Mnich (DESY)
Mitsuaki Nozaki (KEK, Chair) - from March 2014
Martin Sevior (Melbourne)
Xiaoyan Shen (IHEP) - from March 2014
Dongchul Son (KNU)
Fumihiko Takasaki (KEK, Chair) - until March 2014
Henry Tsz-king Wong (Academia Sinica) - from September 2014
Rüdiger Voss (CERN)
Yifang Wang (IHEP) - until March 2014

International Organizing Committee (2013-2014)
Mark Boland (Australian Synchrotron)
Subhasis Chattopadhyay (VECC)
Simon Eidelman (BINP)
Nick Ellis (CERN, Chair)
Kazunori Hanagaki (Osaka)
Yee Hsiung (National Taiwan University)
Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Kyushu) - from March 2014
Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
Martijn Mulders (CERN)
Sreerup Raychaudhuri (TIFR)
Lydia Roos (IN2P3/LPNHE)
Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (DESY) - from March 2014
Didier Vilanova (CEA/Irfu)
Changzheng Yuan (IHEP)
Shi-Lin Zhu (Beijing)

Advisors to the Local Organising Committee
Mustansir Barma (TIFR)
Ajit K. Mohanty (BARC)
Naba K. Mondal (TIFR)
Tapan K. Nayak (VECC)
Sudhakar Panda (IOP)
Sibaji Raha (Bose Institute)

Local Organising Committee
Subhasis Chattopadhyay (VECC)
Rohini Godbole (IISc, Chair)
Gobinda Majumdar (TIFR)
Prolay K. Mal (NISER)
Sreerup Raychaudhuri (TIFR)
Pradip K. Sahu (IOP)

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